Free Unlimited Cloud Storage Service

Learn how to store your photos and videos for free in the cloud. With Google Photos you have unlimited cloud storage for your photos and videos for free.

Unlike OneDrive and iCloud, Google Photos is FREE and gives your unlimited cloud storage space for your photos and videos.  Here is what you have to do get use the service:

How to use it?

– For more information on how to use the service, visit the oficial page for Google Photos:
– All you need to start using Google Photos is to have a Google Account (Gmail). So, probably you already have one setup in your phone;
– Download the app (iOS or Android);
– Sign in with you Gmail Account (Gmail);
– Wait for google to start uploading and synchronizing your photos and videos. Depending on the amount of data, it may take some time to upload everything. But don’t worry, it works in background so you can continue using your phone normally;
– After that you can follow the quick guide to learn how to use the app like creating albums;
– That’s it. No more worries about losing those wonderful pictures of your vacations or important moments of your life;

P.S.: If you want to access your photos using your computer, just go to:

P.S. 2: By the time of this post, the limitation for photos was up to 16MB(file size). To give you an idea, a high resolution photo usually is 4MB in size. So you will be able to upload all your photos with no problems. For videos the limitation is up to 1080, which is also High Definition. Probably Google will soon allow users to upload videos in 4K.

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